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The child confessing they did break the vase.

The wife admitting she did spend money at the Tupperware party.

The husband coming clean on eating the last bit of chocolate.

Admitting to your mother that you are, infact, going to get a motorbike. 

Coming clean. Breaking the news. ‘Fessing up. That feeling inside of you when you know you have to say it. I don’t think there’s any easy way sometimes to do it. 

It could be something as benign as confessing to your mum that you are doing your motorbike test tomorrow. It could be something way more serious like gambling away your pay (which I have not done). 

There’s a stack of ways – often strange ways – people ‘come clean’. Sometimes it just builds up and out of the blue, they blurt it out. “I’ve been having an affair” – dropping the bombshell no one saw coming. Others leave hints, aching to get caught so someone else brings up the topic – leaving paper trails of stealing from work for example. Others still brag in their breach of trust. 

Some turn to a confession to alleviate their guilt, or get something off their chest. Some don’t deal with it at all, burying the hurt, anger or shame in a sea of sex, drugs, workaholism or the bottle. 

Even more sadly, some leave it until it’s too late to confess, writing down their shame on the ‘final note’ before ending it all.

I’ve heard people spill their beans online, often anonymously on websites such as postsecret.com

Now hear me out, I’ve got nothin’ really to confess. I mean, perhaps something as benign as casually telling my mum I’ll be on two motorized wheels within days, but nothing really bad!

I’m interested – if you had something to say, to get off your chest, how might you do it? I’m not after details or anything. It could be something as simple and really nothing major like telling your mum you’re getting your motorbike licence. It may be a situation you did find yourself in – where you confessed – what was the outcome? Did things turn out well? Badly? Worse? Tell me in the comments below!

 Pic from http://breakupcookbook.com/?page_id=440