Pull up a chair. Vidins is here. Vidins in Brisbane.

Pull up a chair. Vidins in Brisbane is here.
Listen, right now I’d tell you about how I almost won the Bathurst 1000, but when I told your father, he said never to discuss it with you. Because I respect your father, the story will have to wait.

So your father, your Uncle Jay and I were having a few drinks the other night. God bless your Uncle Jay, he serves a fine glass of whiskey. Anyway, your father and I were knocking a few of those back. And I was entertaining the both of them, reliving great moments from my racing days. As usual I had them both on the edge of their seats, when the alcohol started making your father drowsy.

I should tell you at this point that I mean no disrespect toward your father in telling you this, but he passed out cold on the concrete floor of your garage. In fact, he fell out of his folding chair, and his head somehow ended up sort of beneath his handsome GTS Monaro. Your Uncle Jay and I might have been concerned, but frankly, your father does this a lot. Again, I respect the man and I know you respect him equally if not more so.

Jay thought it would be kind of funny to dress your father up in your mother’s clothes. I have to admit that Jay sure was right about that one. It was funny. It was damn funny. Unfortunately, we did get oil stains on some of her garments that your mother has apparently been unable to remove. And your father hasn’t been willing to explain exactly how they got there. Well, your Uncle Jay also found your mother’s camera and took several pictures of your father in your mother’s green stretch pants. Mind you, they look fine on your mother. I often admire them on her, but on your father… He’s a large man, you know.

Well, there should be some pictures coming back relating to this incident. I should hope that you, respecting your father as I know you do, would be interested in disposing of those pictures and the negatives–preferably before your mother has a chance to look at them. I would hope that you would not even be interested in looking at the pictures yourself, except to ensure that you’re throwing away pictures of your father, and perhaps Jay and myself, but not of your family’s recent trip to the Gold Coast.



  1. Nigel Boldero

    Hi- thanks for following my blog. I’ve just had alok at yours and like what i read, so i’m following back! I have a ‘Queensland connection’- my duughters’ boyfriend is from near Surfer’s Paradise 🙂

  2. coconutspeak

    As the wife of a man who has whored (creatively not literally) himself out to the Hollywood TV/film industry, I have to say I enjoyed that story. May it be memorialized forever by an independent film company!

  3. Little Miss Menopause

    Ha! I just ADORE Peter Sellers so I got pulled into your blog right away. Love the Valentine’s letter too! Looking forward to more exploration. Glad you visited me tonight so I had a chance to follow the breadcrumbs back to you!

  4. Joe M.

    Thank you so much for liking my article, “10 Suggestions…” I really appreciate you taking the time to look it over. I hope that other articles I’ve written will be a blessing to you!

  5. danyekelly

    Enjoyed reading about Movie world! Thanks for the follow, I hope you enjoy reading about the crazy adventures I get myself into with my family too 🙂 Blessings Dany

  6. Rev Doc Lorna

    Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed reading yours as well. Your gravatar gave me a laugh as it is 8 a.m. and I don’t think a handsome glass of vodka would be wise. Blessings!

  7. Ellespeth

    Now this post was entertaining! I’m still chuckling…You followed my blog last evening. I appreciate it. Thanks for passing by…
    Now – what happened to those ‘clothing’ pictures?

  8. eileen049

    Thanks so much for the follow! All I had to see on your blog was this: The Inspector Clouseau of Blogging….Oh yeah! I’m following you. 🙂

  9. mzpresser

    Thanks for the like and for stopping by! Looking forward to checking out your blog as well. I’m laughing because my brother in law is Uncle Jay to my kids, too funny! God bless

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