Vidins in Dubbo :: Day 3

Day Three

We wake, and blinds are open with trepidation… NOT RAINING! Notice, though, not raining doesn’t mean sunny, or warm, but quite simply, not raining. Like the previous morning, the coffee is brewed and bags are packed. We’ve identified a few Queenslanders on this holiday, and they all stick out like sore thumbs. You see, it’s the eve of game two of State of Origin. Despite having Queensland numberplates, you’ll find the usual display of maroon is sadly lacking, being in the heart of Blues territory. Our neighbors in the hotel had Queensland plates, and I yelled out to them across the carpark that Queenslanders weren’t welcome here. Thankfully, they were city folk and sober, so we were relatively safe. Numberplates aside, the Queenslanders all were matching here in Dubbo. Aldi, you see, had a sale a month ago on ski gear. Queenslanders have scant use for anything warmer than a flanno ($7 from Big W), so for many, it’s a novelty wearing ‘winter clothing’.

Whilst Queenslanders enjoyed the idea of wearing ‘winter clothing’, the reality of sub 20oC doesn’t actually match the reality or excitement of such temperatures. Thankfully, the wives, girlfriends or mothers had been to Aldi for the sales and purchased inexpensive ski jackets for their Dubbo trip. As expected, the men shunned the Aldi sales and promised ‘they’d be right’ with the cold (Hint: they weren’t, and the Queensland fellas froze).
Interestingly, you can tell the Victorians, as they are in shorts and t-shirts. The Brits are another story all together, and don’t get me started on them Arabs!

So we arrived at the world famous Western Plains Zoo! Our first mistake (not that we made many) was thinking that hiring bikes would be a good idea. Well, they were a good idea for the kids, but then again, they weren’t peddling. 6 1/2kms isn’t far on the map, but when you’re hauling 20kgs of kid, it gets heavy. Mighty heavy.

We paid $7 to feed giraffes. That was pretty spesh.


Dubbo Zoo was pretty amazing. I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’.


As night fell, we treated ourselves to a nice steak dinner in a building as old as the hills, and prayed our car wouldn’t get ‘boosted’ by the locals as we ate. The car ended up being safe, but the rain started pattering down, slowly at first.
Then, a little faster…
Then, a tad heavier..
We hoped, and prayed yet again that tomorrow wouldn’t be raining for our next day at the zoo. We also were looking ahead to tomorrow afternoon, where we were due to start our farmstay in nearby Mudgee…


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