The Planned Parenthood Videos and the Downs girl I met in Fiji


In Fiji, I met a lovely family with a beautiful girl who had Downs Syndrome. I’ll call her Grace, for no other reason that it’s a beautiful name. She was a darling little girl.  She was about 6 years old, had a lust for life and was one of the warmest, loveliest children I’d met. Her mother talked briefly about the joys and struggles about having a child with Downs, and I was able to relate some similar stories of my own grandparents and uncle. Parents with a child with Downs are ‘hands on’ parents for life. To use a term from poker, you’re ‘pot committed’.

 You’ve probably heard about the two recent videos that have emerged from America recently from a medical director from the group Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an organisation that provide a range of medical services to women, one of those services are abortion. These videos were a chat between one of the medical directors and another person, where the medical director was discussing the price they could get for different parts of an aborted baby, and how they could perform the procedure in different ways to ‘save’ different organs. If you’ve seen the videos, or read about it, you’ll witness the literal bone-crunching methods these abortionists employ to both get rid of a foetus and deliver its partially formed body to a medical researcher.

 As it happens, groups like Planned Parenthood sell organs from aborted babies to different medical companies for medical research. They deny that the parts were ‘sold’, rather they are ‘compensated’ for giving the medical companies the harvested parts.

 When my wife and I were pregnant with our first child, Daniel, we found out essentially that he had a cyst in his chest that prevented his lung from growing. It was pretty serious, and we were given the option to ‘interrupt’ the pregnancy.  We chose not to – we wanted to give our son the best shot of life. I’m sure that Grace’s parents were given ‘the talk’ at their 18 or so week scan, when they found out she had Downs.

 I’ve read the apologist responses for the Planned Parenthood videos and the usual rhetoric used by those supporting abortion. I’ve read the newspaper articles demanding for reproductive choices for women. I’ve seen the clips of women (and men) arguing, protesting, rioting even for abortions – even late term abortions. I’ve heard the arguments that an unborn baby is just a clump of cells, that it doesn’t have feelings, that it’s a parasite in a woman’s body and that it simply isn’t a person. I’ve heard the arguments made that abortion is appropriate in a range of cases – rape, incest, severe foetal abnormalities. I’ve heard another set of excuses (no, I’m not going to say arguments) like a woman might just not be ready, she can’t afford it, having a baby will disrupt her life, her partner will leave her or, as sad as it sounds, she uses it simply as birth control.

 You’ll probably of made up your own mind on abortion. I’m only too aware that there will be people that read this that have had an abortion, who have been given the choice of abortion or have known and loved someone who, through whatever reason, have thought an abortion was one of the options on the table when faced with pregnancy. Some women report that it was nothing to have an abortion, others experience the pain as acutely as someone who has lost a baby unexpectedly. If you’ve found yourself in that situation, I’m truly, truly sorry it’s a decision you felt you had to face. I’m truly sorry if you’ve felt that the decision to have an abortion was the best decision you could make in the situation. I’m truly sorry if you had been a victim of the absolute evils of domestic violence, rape or incest. I’m truly sorry if your boyfriend, partner, husband or family member forced you to make a decision that you perhaps didn’t want to make. For any women who have read this article, who have had to face this decision, I’m truly, truly sorry that you found yourself in that situation.

 The estimated rate of abortions in Australia is around 19 per 1000 births. There was around 307,000 births in 2012, so that’s about 58,000 abortions a year. I’m told that the abortion rate in Australia is actually less than the international average of about 25 per 1000 births. There’s no breakdown of this 58,000, if the babies were aborted due to medical complications, because they were a product of rape or incest or any other reason. There’s no real stats on the gestational age of these babies.

 For me, it boils down to a few different, often competing images.

 The first image are the chanting and cheering of pro-abortion protestors, fighting for their right to kill an unborn baby. There’s almost an obscene triumphant jubilee that these mothers have (and yes, I believe that you are a mother even if you have had an abortion) in campaigning for the right for abortion.

 The second image is one that will stick with me, of a grief-stricken couple I met in a support meeting, telling about how they had an abortion on medical advice when their unborn baby was diagnosed with severe spina bifida.

 The third image is an abortionist, using her tools of the trade that were designed to save lives to end it, dismembering the tiny frame of an unborn child, only to on-sell the precious remains to be further defiled in the name of medical research.

 The fourth image, and to me, the most powerful, is that precious girl Grace skipping down a sun-kissed beach holding her big sisters hand, with her tired, doting parents pour all the love they have into this beautiful little girl. If there’s an anti-abortion message in this essay, quite simply, it’s Grace.

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  1. insanitybytes22

    Ah, great post. Such a sweet picture, too.

    I work with some people who have Downs and they have taught me so many things. There is just something precious about them, something the world would really deprive ourselves of if they weren’t in it.

  2. Kate's Bookshelf

    This post was really wonderful to read. Living in the USA, I am constantly hearing all the reports on Planned Parenthood. Just today, new reports came out that are even more disturbing than before. It’s heart breaking as I look at my sister who is Downs. She is 34, (a year older than me) and my parents really didn’t know until she was born. But I’m sure if the doctors had known prior to her birth, my mother would have had the doctors talking to her. My mother was a nurse and as she was carrying my sister, she was required to work in surgery where they were performing abortions on babies that just down the hall were saving. How can one save the life of a 6 month old baby, but then others can murder another? While I believe that yes, there are instances where it might be necessary, and I can’t say I’m totally pro-life, I can’t contemplate murder of a child. Especially when all over the world, there are childless parents who desperately want a child that they can’t have. Personally, this is probably one of the best arguments for pro life. Thank you. I am so glad I finally sat down to read this.

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