Lego and Building Up the Soul


One of the joys of lego is creating. Building up. Making new adventures. If you’ve read my blog before, this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about lego.

Recently, we had friends over and the children played with the Lego. Through the play, it was evident that they were not building up. They were tearing down. In fact, they had taken all the tires of the wheels and broken most of the already made models. They took joy in tearing down, not building up.

Needless to say, I was very upset.

Any child who builds lego will attest to the joy in creating the model. Of following the instructions and seeing a mess of colorful blocks turn out to be a building, a space-ship, a school or truck. Sometimes hours are spent building a model, each intricate piece added to the ever-evolving model.

Often, once a model is built, it is just admired. It might be put on a shelf or cabinet and just admired. It just seems so – special, especially if it is the first model your child has built.

Over time, the model is played with. It is very carefully taken off the shelf, enjoyed, taken pride over. Sometimes a piece here or there will break off, and it is carefully restored.

As it happens with lego, it does end up breaking in some way. I have a box of lego at my parents, some of it is over twenty years old. Absolutely none of the original models stand – now each time that lego is brought out, it’s a new adventure.

The joy is still in the building up. Finding the perfect piece to make the castle, the speedboat or the stable. Pouring over thousands of pieces for that one very bit that will build up the model.

You see, building up lego is like building up a soul. It’s like building up a person. It takes time. It takes patience, but once you’ve built something up, it is beautiful to behold. Have you ever seen a family who invests time, energy and love into each other? It is a beautiful thing to behold. Each family member is invested in building each other up, and it shows.

Even the best person goes through rough times. You could even argue the reverse – rough times can build wonderful people. I know in my own life, some of the people that have impacted me the most are those who have faced terrible adversity are the most interesting, strong, amazing people.

Like lego, the soul can be destroyed in an instant. A model can be smashed on the ground, treated roughly, have bits broken off it. A soul can be mishandled, bruised, even smashed. Harsh words, abuse, neglect, cruelty can all smash a soul. I can have a box of smashed lego. Guess what happens to it? Nothing. It stays broken. It stays smashed, incomplete, unusable, un-enjoyable. What can be done with a box of smashed lego, especially if you no longer have the instructions? You could leave it broken, or you could create something new, something beautiful.

Unlike a box of smashed lego, we can choose to restore our soul. We can find the broken pieces of our heart, scattered at the bottom of a box and create something new. It will never be the same as the original. The thing with lego boxes, and with life, is you pick up new things. Now, I’m speaking as a boy here but your medieval castle can have a moat complete with jet-powered speedboats and friggin’ lazers to obliterate the enemy, unlike the crappy cannons they original castle had.

Look around you. Everyone around you will have a broken soul. Everyone carries around disappointments, brokenness, hurts and pain. Everyone, including you, needs the lego model of a soul re-built.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to use your words, your actions and your intent to break someones soul, or are you going to be one that sees the brokeness in others and looks to help put some pieces back? Are you going to use your words and your actions to add friggin’ lazers to their castle, or are you going to pull the tires off their broken wheels?


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