Google vs Widsom

Without a doubt, the Google-machine and the interwebs have given us access to crazy, crazy amounts of information. You can now find accurate weather for almost anywhere in the world, except of course for Melbourne. You can find someone to write your own blogs for you. You can buy almost anything you possibly can’t need. You can read anything you possibly don’t need to know.

We’ve become so smart with the wikipedias and the online news and the Onion. – sometimes we wonder how we ever got along without the internets.

Google certainly has made us know more, but has it made us wiser?

Google will tell us what we want to know. Wisdom will tell us what we need to hear.

Google will help you lay your eyes on all manner of soul pollution. Wisdom will tell you to fix your attention on the pure.

Google will find you a temporary balm for all sorts of lusts. Wisdom will guide you through the sometimes rough waters of marriage.

Google will tell you how to parent in a million different ways. Wisdom will tell you to love, cherish and guide your children.

Google will give us a quick answer. Widsom will tell us to never stop seeking the truth.

Indeed, the Proverbs – the Book of Wisdom labors over the importance of wisdom in every area of life – business, marriage, family, sex, friendships, money – without a doubt an invaluable starting point of the getting of widsom.

I’m curious. Have you (as I often have) sacrificed wisdom for a quick ‘google hit’ in life? For those not reading between the lines, have you started to use modern convenience to avoid something deeper? It could be wisdom. It could an electronic fabrication of true intimacy?  It could just be the laziness that comes from staring into a screen. How have you escaped that?

How have you searched for wisdom?

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  1. TheOfficialLisaMcClendonWebsite

    Funny, I was reading a scripture in Proverbs and it hit me, knowledge without wisdom and discipline is just good ole information. Thanks for this post. Blessings. Lisa

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