This one’s for the freaks.


He burped and farted at the table, in front of mum. She dressed up to the nines for a casual family BBQ. He mentioned the war. She didn’t realise it was a joke.

 Every family seems to have a family member who just seems to dance to the beat of their own drum. It could just be a self-awareness thing, it could be maturity, it could be that they really just don’t care about offending others sensitivities.

 You know, that family member that is just – different. The embarrass themselves. They embarrass others. They say or do things that make you squirm. Whatever they do, though, you still just love having them around.

 In a broader perspective, I suspect we’ve all felt out of place in some type of situation – too old, too young. The rich one, the poor one. The married one, the single one. The conservative, the progressive. Whatever it is, there’s times when we’ve all felt like the odd one out.

 So this post is to all the odd ones out. The square pegs blissfully not fitting into round holes. This is for all those who do actually speak their mind. For the immature boys who shake up the fizzy drink, open the lid and laugh as it sprays over the kitchen and over the dinner. For those who drop the spark in a conversation that starts a fire. For those who seem oblivious, then cut through the crap with razor-sharp insight and intuition. For the quiet one that comes out with a party trick that blows them all away.

 This one’s for the freaks and the geeks and everyone who hasn’t fitted in.

 NEVER CHANGE. Keep being different. Keep dancing to the beat of your own drum. Keep infuriating others. Dress however you damn well want too. Keep laughing at fart jokes and scaring your mother and being a jackass. Keep telling us too much information.

 Believe it or not, we need you around. We need you to lighten us up, shake us up and remind us that it’s quite fine to be oddball. As infuriating as you can be, we love you to bits. Don’t go a’ changin’ for us!

Tell me about ‘that’ member of your family in the comments!



  1. John

    The “Square Pegs” of this old world are the achievers, the inventors, those who bring about positive change! No one who ever amounted to a hill of beans was ever a part of the common herd. Everyone who has ever achieved greatness has been “Different” in some respects from all those around him or her. We must treasure the “Square Pegs” among us because it is from their efforts and their minds that the hope of the future comes.

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