Who do you wear a tie for?



Who would you wear a tie for? I guess most people would say their boss, because it’s part of their uniform policy.

My uncle’s best mate, who shall remain nameless, would always wear a tie whenever he was going to a family function that my grandmother was attending. It could be Christmas, Easter, any type of celebration. Regardless of the weather, the heat, the cool, he’d always wear a tie, just for ‘Mrs Vidins’.

Now unless there’s a back-story I’m not aware of, or something that happened in the past, the only thing I can think of is that this particular man dressed up just to show love, admiration and respect to my dear old grandmother. 

Can you imagine – a hot Christmas lunch in a converted dairy full of family and friends in casual clothes, and here is this particular gentleman in a tie? Well, he did it. At every occasion.

It begs the question – who do you wear a tie for? Of course, it does not have to literally be a tie. But is there someone in your life that you just go the extra mile for – just because you love, admire or respect? Now, exclude your spouse or immediate family! You kinda have to do it for them! Is there someone in your life you just put in that extra special something for – you know you arn’t going to get a cracker in return, there’s no vested interest in it – just for the pleasure of showing that person the respect or admiration you have for them.

Is this phenomenon just related to this particular gentleman? I’m curious – who do you wear a tie for?


Image from http://www.artofmanliness.com/2009/06/05/how-to-tie-a-tie/


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