Big Fat Fatties – Update One

On 22 July this year, I posted ‘Big Fat Fatties‘. I explained that I weighted in at 93.2kg’s.



One month and six days later (so just over five weeks) – 88.6kgs!

Throw in a bout of bronchitis, possible asthma and not much exercise, I think I’m doin’ ok!  




  1. mariajay76

    Let’s see… *translating that for my thickheaded American way of only being able to measure weight in pounds*
    That’s awesome! Whatever you are doing, keep it up! Congratulations! I have battled my weight basically all my life having been a part of the big fat fattie club and I know how hard it is. Stay the course, meet your goal, insert other encouraging phrases here. Seriously though, good job!

      • mariajay76

        Thanks! I just saw my doctor yesterday and I’ve finally decided to consult about gastric bypass. I fought it for a long time but I need double knee replacement due to the rhuematoid and no surgeon is going to book me until I drop between 50-80 pounds. Between lifelong food issues and immobility due to the RA and other health issues, that may as well be 1,000 lbs. So I’m going to meet the bariatric surgeon in our network and see what she ha to say. All the best to you too.

  2. Chey Being

    I have no idea what that is in pounds but I know it’s less than where you started and that’s awesome. I am a Pilates instructor and so taking care of your body is so important to me. Congrats on the move to getting closer to your goal. It’s all a mind game and learning how to retrain your patterns of thinking. Find a form of “exercise” that is fun for you…take a dance class, play basketball with friends, ride a bike in the fresh air….whatever! The endorphins are addictive! I’m sure you know all this 😉 Just remember…you’re freakin’ fabulous wherever you are 🙂

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