Serendipity of the Stillness of the Soul

photo (5)

The Stillness of the Soul. What does that even mean? Is it possible just to be ‘still’ in this day and age?

I find these days I’m bombarded 24/7. The media ejaculating absolute nonsense without pausing for breath. Soulless dross blasted on the radio. Advertisments screaming empty promises of fulfillment if I just buy this one more thing. Opinions punching my ear-drums, hitting me left and right, like a relentless boxer pounding his opponent. 

Scarily though, I find when I have a moment of silence, I feel the need to fill it with something. Music. TV. Reading something else. Scrolling through my social media feed. Has anyone else found we fill our stillness with stuff?

Are we scared of what we might think if we allow ourselves a minute to think? Are we scared of the thoughts unknown or the unknown thoughts or the deep recess of our hearts?

Are we trying to block out or fill up or avoid? I’m pondering why we fill up our silence with noise.

When was the last time you practiced silence? When you were not only disconnected, but deliberately quiet. Not meditating. Not praying  or doing or planning. Just silent. Just being. Being present within your own self. 

I love the picture above. For me it paints the serendipity of silence just perfectly. Yes, the picture is black and white, but it’s begging for the colour of silence to fill it. It’s a place that’s just begging for solitude – not an aloneness but a content being. I can’t but be jealous in thinking that the place depicted just lends itself to silence.

I’ve got a challenge for you. Find somewhere silent. Practice silence. Practice just being. Think a thought through from start to finish and give yourself time to explore those questions that you’ve always been thinking of but too scared to ask. Ponder. Enjoy. Be silent.

I dare you. 


Picture from the amazing collection of Fifimcl. 



  1. Momika

    This is spot on. I used to think about silence and its benefits often. When the effort is put forth, silence is healing and therapeutic. Thanks for the reminder to make time for it.

  2. zotzotzotblogger

    Well written, a good account of what our modern society is like. I find that I’m able to “be still” in nature. I can breathe in, breathe out, listen to the little birds around me and just appreciate the world! If I’m anywhere else it’s much more difficult. Personally, as an individual who deals with Anxiety, it’s very common for silly unnecessary thoughts to flood my brain throughout the day. Less is more, no?

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