What if sex was guaranteed?


What would you be like if your partner, without question, condition or hesitation met all your needs? It could be sex. It could be making you a cup of coffee in the morning. It could be long weekend drives or shopping sprees or financial freedom or the white picket fence. 

What would you be like if, regardless of what you did or said, your partner made it their priority to put you first all the time in your relationship?

Would you become more honest? How many people (men and women) hold off on being honest in their relationship because they feel they need to ‘earn favor’ with their partner, and speaking out against something would mean their partner would withhold something they loved or needed? If the sex was guaranteed, would you tell your partner you’d rather them not fart in bed? Would you say you wish their in-laws would just butt out of your life? Would you admit that yes, their bottom did look big in those jeans?

Would you become more complacent? Would you stop caring? You knew that they’d go to work, earning the big bucks to provide for you, regardless of how much weight you packed on? Would you cook the easiest, simplest meals, knowing that it would not change how much they doted on you or how hard they worked for the family?

Would you want to be a more giving partner? Maybe out of guilt, out of love, out of obligation? Would it prompt you to be more attentive to their needs? To come home that bit earlier? To indulge in their needs, just to make them feel that extra bit special? Would it make you appreciate them all the more? I’m curious.

Would you get bored of your spouse? Someone very near and dear to me told me once that ‘the chase is ALWAYS more fun than the kill’. Would you tire of your spouse, of having to work at the relationship, of having it all put on a platter for you? Would you lose the mystery, the allure, the journey of constantly wanting to get to know what your spouse thought, dreamed of or desired?

I’m interested. Who would you become if the sex was guaranteed? Who would you become if your partner met all the needs you desired them to meet?

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  1. fifitrixibell

    I am in a relationship where this is very near the reality. My partner meets all my needs in every department, there is nothing I crave, not time or affection or honesty or intimacy .. I literally couldn’t be happier. The flip side of this is that I myself make extra effort to give him everything he needs and to be understanding and caring if he does by chance upset me or do something I consider hurtful.. We talk about everything and no problem goes ignored. I think when you find someone that special it’s like something from a book or movie and it seems too good to be true. It just makes me want to work as hard as I can to make it always feel this effortless and beautiful, so I reckon it’s only a good thing!

  2. insanitybytes22

    Hmm, interesting. I suspect men and women are very different on this. I think sex should be guaranteed, at least within marriage for all the reasons you list. People will be more honest with each other, people won’t withhold sex to try and control each other.

    “What would you be like if your partner, without question, condition or hesitation met all your needs?”

    LOL, as a girl I think this would be horrifying. I don’t think women like it when men are unconditionally appeasing. Also, I don’t think another human being can meet “all” our needs.

    On the flip side, this will probably sound sexist, but I think men’s needs are probably fewer, like sex and coffee pretty much covers it, so women accommodating “all” men’s needs is a simpler matter and something I would encourage more of in order to have a healthy relationship.

  3. Michael Andrew Williams

    Thanks for responding to my blog, THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD (08/25/2014) Sermons About Good Sex? Christians are cautioned to realize that our focus upon sex is often by misdirection that comes from the Adversary. We are led to concentrate upon the flesh, incurring further loss for our sacred spirit. Fornication and sex are unpredictable (never the same twice—alone or with the same partner), and provide no life guarantees. Sex invites and permits fantasy, imagination, further deceit, and the wiles of the devil. Perhaps the better questions might be, What if love were guaranteed; what if truth were guaranteed; what if trust were guaranteed; what if completing our duty to one another was guaranteed? The answer to them all is called adoption of the Spirit, the promises of GOD, faithfulness, and salvation. Be encouraged!

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