An apology about dance concerts

The prettiest gal in the world

To all who have read my post entitled ‘Vidins Guide to Childrens Dance Recitals’:

I understand that this post has caused some of you some considerable upset.

If I offended anyone, I truly apologise. Nothing written was specific to anyone or any organisation or individual.

For me, my daughter loves going to dancing and I love sending her there. She has a great time, she’s learning how to dance, has wonderfully dedicated teachers, lovely friends and enjoys it in a safe environment. The recital is one of the highlights of the year and it is such a joy to see her dance. Honestly, I don’t care too much to watch other kids dance, but I’m selfish like that.

The tone of that particular post was, in my view, light-hearted, cheeky, incredibly exaggerated and humorous. I apologise if some of you did not see it that way.

It comes down to this. If you and your children enjoy whatever activity they do, why should it matter what anyone else thinks? If they are having fun in a safe environment with people you trust, who really cares what others say?

What I wrote was in no way any reflection on any organisation or individual. Please, if you have feedback on this article, or anything else I write – if you love it, hate it, hate me, hate my hairstyle, if I make a grammatical error, whatever, please direct your feedback to me. My email is . Don’t waste your time going to your local dance school – they had nothing to do with my article.

Again, if I offended anyone, I apologise. I’ve taken the article down to prevent future upset.

Please direct any future feedback directly to me.

Warmest regards,




  1. Roy

    Why ! Oh why! do you need to apologize for writing an OBVIOUSLY humorous parody about an event most of us have experienced at least ONCE in a lifetime.
    It was an EXCELLENT piece of humorous writing Peter.
    Well done, and to those who lack the humour to understand that … get a life !!!!
    Roy Sims

  2. The Jogging Dad

    Apologies for my French but, seriously, f$&k me dead! What the hell is the world coming to when political correctness seeps into one’s personal blog space!?! You’ve got nothing to be sorry about – it was a good post designed to elicit laughter, not controversy! Keep it up.

  3. Jaymee-lee Dyer

    Personally, I thought you hit the nail on the head and that it was a beautiful expression of a father’s heart (a red blooded aussie bloke dad anyway 😉 ). Sad that you have taken it down 😦 it is aweful that people choose to see something more than the overlying theme of the love you have for your daughter. If more dad’s loved theircchildren the way you do this next generation would have less screw ups in it! You are raising two future upstanding citizens, not because they go to a private school and do extra curriculum activities but because of the time you put in to playing games with them, spending quality time at their level and the love you show. The children are the future and I for one am glad that yours are a part of ours. Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Mel

    Oh Pete. I know you totally support your dance school, how sad that offence was taken 😦
    I thought it was hilarious, but so true – from a Dad perspective.
    I also know it’s true that at your daughter’s dance school the community works together, the volunteers spend hours ensuring that EVERY dad’s daughter gets their chance to shine. Your daughter’s dance school is special in that respect … Even though you have to turn up 2 hours beforehand and wait around trying to look like you’re meant to be there… And one day she might even be that dancer, the one in every dance.

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