Big fat fatties


I’ve been on a steady increase in weight now for a few months. I can tell my tummy is getting rounder, my chest is more Bondi than Manly and my work pants are getting to friendly.

Straight up, I totally don’t have any body image issues. I’m not about to go Daniel Johns on y’all or anything. There’s no deep-seeded emotional issues that make me eat. I just love all the bad food and really dislike exercise.

Please don’t be polite and say I don’t look that bad. I know my body, I know it’s not what it should be, I know I’m responsible for getting myself back in shape (and not a round shape!)

To put it politely, I’m obese. Not big boned. Not stocky. I don’t have a thyroid problem. It’s not just a little winter weight. I a tub-tub-tubby.

You know things aren’t good when both your mum & your wife ask what you’re doing about weight loss.

I weighed myself this evening to see how far I’d let myself go.


I know it’s an imperfect measurement, but my BMI is 28.

So I’ve gots to do some changin;. I don’t want to be the fat dad. I don’t want to be the husband on the beach in the saggy rash vest. I don’t want to be the mate on the side-line, rather than the one participating.

To be honest, I really want to be around for many, many years to come. I kinda like it. I have an amazing wife. I love my children. I dig my family. I’ve finally got a beautiful house. I love and I am loved. I’m coming up to 33 years old, and for those in the know, it wasn’t a good age for my old man. I want 32 to be the year I changed my body and 33 to be the first year I enjoy being fit and healthy.

A mate at work is doing this stair run thing. It’s in a few weeks. As my first challenge, I’ve said I’d do it with him. It’s for prostate cancer research through the Mater. Feel free to throw a few shekels our way and support this crazy good cause.

I’m not going to post any pics of me at 93.2kgs, cause frankly, you don’t want to see that.

If you see me with some sneaky twisties or a delicious iced coffee, or something I should not be eating, don’t be scared to call me on it.

I’d raise a glass to loosing weight, but it will have to be water.

Anyway peeps, I’ll see you on the fit & healthy side.



  1. Caro

    So I know how you feel. In January of 2011 I said everything you said. Talked to my husband the doctor who said, there is nothing I can give you that will reduce the calories you put in your mouth and increase the calories you burn. So, I taught myself to run and make simple good food choices. If I mess up and eat poorly, I don’t beat myself up and just start over the next day. I’m 20+ pounds lighter now and have finished 7 half marathons. I’m 52.5. You can do it. Good for you for making the decision. H2O cheers!

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  3. 50djohnson

    If you need a plan for a healthy lifestyle change I highly recommend the TrimDown Club online. It gives you a menu plan that is unique to you , your height, weight and age for you to lose optimately. good luck!! I’m right there with you!!

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