Backing a winner


Have you ever read a form guide? A form guide tells you about the horse or dogs racing in a particular race, the odds for the current race, the animal’s racing history and often some notes. It might say a dog races well on dryer tracks, or a horse is slower in shorter distances.

You read a form guide to back a winner on the races. You look at the animals history, how it’s been training, the trainers notes and the odds it has for winning.

Have you ever thought what would be written about you on your form guide?

I’m going to be honest here. Really raw and really honest.

My form guide would be a litany of failure and loss. I’m a terrible student at uni. I think my career has stalled. I procrastinate terribly. I’ve made mistakes in the relationships in my life and hurt the ones I’ve loved. I over eat. I’m terrible at future planning.

I wouldn’t back me – not for anything important anyway.

I’ve been reminded lately, however, of someone that’s read my form guide and does not read what I read.

Someone that’s known me from even before the beginning. That knows me intimately, but still backs me 100%.

Almost every night, I sing a song to my son as a lullaby called ‘Softly and Tenderly’. Johnny Cash sings a pretty sweet version of it and I’d encourage you to have a listen, if you’ve got time. It’s an old hymn, the words are in the old style. The message, however, is as beautiful today as it was penned all those years ago.

Y’know, Jesus didn’t come for those who had their life together. He didn’t come to those who had everything sorted out. He came for those with terrible form guides. For those with a history of failure. For those who don’t see how they can win another race. He came for me and he came for you.

He’s got a race that he wants you in. He knows your history and he wants to be in your future.

What’s your form guide got in it? Brokenness? Failure? Loss? Disappointment? Jesus knows all about it. He gave it all – his whole life in fact – so you can be on his team.

Y’know, you could read this and think this Jesus mumbo jumbo just ain’t for you, and if that’s the case, I totally respect that.

He wants you on his team cause he loves you. He cares not for your past – he wants to be in your future. He’s backing you because he knows your a winner. He wants to put abundant life in your form guide from here on in.

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  1. Primula Pretty

    What an interesting, and unusual, analagy Peter. A form guide!
    I am reminded that the Bible says that there is no-one with the form good enough to get onto HIS team … but everyone is invited. Further, everyone who applies in the correct manner is warmly welcomed onto “the team”.
    There is a condition required of applicants, which isn’t always made clear by those handing out the application forms. That condition involves taking careful note of your past “form” and trusting HIM to help you change it. Invariably for the better. Better in your home life, better at your studies, better as an employee, as a father, as a friend, and as a follower of the leader of the “team” you have just joined.
    I wonder if anyone reading your interesting blog is up for the challenge !

      • Ivica Peteranec

        Great article Pete! It reminds me of the man to whom Jesus said “My power is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak” and the man’s response was ” I am most happy then to be proud of my weakness, in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me. I am content with weakness, insults, hardships, persecutions and difficulties for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong”. The man went on to do some pretty great things and his writings are still read probably more often than any other human being 2 thousand years later!

  2. Rosemary Peteranec

    Great message Pete, but, you’re not THAT bad! Actually, I hold you very highly in the form guide of men I’ve met. Good values, good ethics, strong decisions, lovely nose, kind, thoughtful, genuine, conscientious, manly, selfless … I know you need Jesus … But your not THAT bad!!!

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