Vidins Guide to Parenting Advice

You can't blame the shiner on bad parenting

You can’t blame the shiner on bad parenting

There’s no end of parenting advice and parenting theories out there. Many have their merits, their quirks, their cons.
Let’s not beat around the bush. If you’re a deliberate parent, you’re probably going to take the role more seriously and your kids are probably going to turn out better. Pretty much most parenting theories, when applied properly, will have some sort of positive impact. Engaged parents usually produce engaged, healthy kids.

Pretty much every parenting theory I’ve seen follows the same formula.

Vidins is here to decode the formula for you.

1/ Every parenting theory will criticize your parents.
They’ll use sympathetic lines like ‘your parents probably did the best they could, BUT’, or ‘you probably think that because you turned out all right, your parents ways were probably right too’. They’ll probably also bring up something gendered like dad spanked us and mum scolded us.
Don’t fall for the tricks!
These parenting theories do this to lure you into a false sense of security and try to make you pity your parents. Here’s the rub. You’re a parent and you want the best for your kids, right? Well your parents wanted the best for you, too. Are you saying that their method of parenting wasn’t good enough, or hip enough for you? Fo’ shame! Your parents loved you! It would be dishonouring to them not to emulate their parenting style!
Don’t believe the latest thing. Believe the genuine thing.

2/ Discipline Shmicipline.
Without a doubt, most ‘modern’ parenting theories will talk about discipline. They’ll probably talk about setting boundaries, naughty corners, time-outs and reinforcing good behaviour. All good things, by the way. All good if you have good children.
But you don’t have good children.
You have naughty children.
Very naughty children.
Tantrum in the shopping centre children.
Rice-bubbles all over the floor children.
‘NO!’ children.
You’re at your wits end. That’s why you’re watching a parenting DVD or reading a parenting book.
Most days you can’t decide if you want to put your kids up for adoption or drown them in the river.
Time outs? Give me a break! More like ‘time out to recharge the batteries to give mum more hell’.
Parents, it does not matter what the theories say, it’s ok to take to your kids backsides with a wooden spoon. Daily, if need be.
Your kids will learn. Oh yes, they will learn.

3/ Bring the Bible into it.
Now I can’t say for sure with the Muslims, or the Hindus or Buddhists, or even Sikhs, but I know for sure that a stack of Christian parenting theories will bring something of the Bible into the fold. The Bible is used to explain how you should talk to your kids, set boundaries, discipline, ethics, morality, faith (obviously).

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but when it came to Jesus, God had it pretty easy in the parenting department, apart from the whole dying on the cross thing. Jesus, fully man yet fully God never sinned, never threw a tantrum (except for that time in the Temple with the tables), never said ‘NO!’. When he got lost, he didn’t run away to do something naughty – he just hung out at the Temple. You can’t tell me that that’s parenting a strong-willed child.

There’s a stack of excellent life advice in the Bible – not just for parenting, but pretty much every area of your life. Just be wary when select half verses are used to spiritualise an aspect of parenting.

4/ You’ll damage your children if you don’t use this theory
Inevitably, the parenting theorist will criticize all the other parenting theories out there. They will be to prescriptive, to disciplinarian, to libertarian, to permissive, not loving enough, not disciplining enough blah blah blah.
You know who parenting theories damage the most? Parents! Lofty ideals, impossibly high standards, impractical ideas and experts with picture perfect kids do damage to parents!

So what’s the modern parent to do? Stop reading parenting books or watching parenting DVD’s? Of course not! You could read through a whole parenting book and get one bit of gold that helps you on your parenting journey.

You have to find what works well for you and your family.

So my advice? Well for $25.99 plus postage and handling, I can send you my exclusive parenting DVD with the latest theory on parenting and childhood development, backed up by scientific research and endorsed by a real church minister!



  1. mamtachakravorty

    Well said….specially like point 1. I prefer not visiting parenting advice websites …they make me feel like i’ve been doing all the wrong things and what a bad parent I’ve been 😦

  2. melissa nacinovich

    I loved point 2! LOL
    my kids are impossible, my mother in law loves to meddle. She send us books, magazine articles and spews advice and I’m over here like, didn’t you just beat the crap out of your kids when they were little? That’s what they tell me… : )
    Every kid is different, nobody really knows what to do with any of them and the ones with “angels” just got lucky or weren’t really paying attention to what was actually happening.
    I think you just have to be engaged, like you said, and get to know your own kid and find out what works with him/her and just wing it.

  3. Jenny

    I think the best parenting advice I’ve received is to hug them each 3 times a day, especially as they get older. And when they are most repulsive, that is my sign to draw nearer.

  4. Carol R

    I love this! I am a pretty self confident parent though. I mess up all the time but I don’t think the kids are in charge so naturally they don’t either. I also like them a lot so they are free to love themselves. And I totally do parent from the bible but not in the “use a bible verse to justify losing it and smacking your kid” kind of way. I use it to teach me, and them by default, how to love and live like Jesus.

  5. K. Q. Duane

    Good Advice! Especially the butt smacking. All the parenting advice of today is ALL female based and non-Christian based. If they worked, the same kinds of parenting advice books, DVD’s, etc. etc. etc. would never have to be written over and over and over again. God gave kids their fathers for just this purpose – discipline! (unfortunately, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, millions of kids have had their fathers stolen from them through feminism’s promotion of divorce, single,motherhood, same-sex lesbian marriage, illegitimacy and single parent adoption). He also gave kids two sets of cheeks – one to smack when they’re little and the other to smack when they’re big. The instruction manual couldn’t be clearer.Thanks for following my blog.

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