When terror goes viral, we must answer the call for liberty


“Terror now being tweeted” the headline wrote. Boko Harum recently tweeted photos of innocent men being herded into a truck, machine-gun fire and dead men falling out of the truck.
Syrians are using all sorts of horrendous weapons and chemicals against each other.
The rise of tyranny was uploaded instantly throughout the Middle-East.
Boastings of church burnings were viewed on Youtube.

In the not so distant past, we learned of Stalin’s gulags. We were shocked at Hitlers camps of death. We wept for those killed under Pol Pot.

In the not so distant past, the West had an authority. A moral authority. Whilst from perfect, we had a mandate of liberty. Something so precious – a principle of liberty and a code of personal responsibility. There was a sanctity of marriage. Where unborn babies were not killed by the tens of thousands. It wasn’t perfect – far from it – but we knew that they cornerstones of liberty and personal responsibility were foundations to a strong society. Where a strong family was a bedrock for productive and engaged citizens. Where faith was the norm, not the exception.

We’ve squandered that moral authority. Liberty has been corrupted. Liberty without personal responsibility is selfishness. Liberty with entitlement is state-sponsored laziness. A lax approach to the covenant of marriage has resulted in the breakdown of family, with the flow of impact of a schism in society.

We could once fight for liberty, knowing that it was good.

Now, the enemies of liberty – Islamists, Communists, Socialists can all comfortably laugh at the moral authority we’ve squandered.

We can’t even keep our own families together – how can we hold together a nation tearing itself apart from civil war?
We issue ‘strongly worded declarations’ at nations who kill there own, but we can’t stem the senseless murder of our unborn babies.
We shake our heads when centuries of culture, art and music are destroyed, but our own state funds absolute perversions in the name of creativity.

Terror now laughs at us. It tweets photos of beheadings. It uploads videos of stoning’s. It publically rapes and kills. What do we do in reply? Hollywood poses with a photo and a kitschy hashtag telling terrorists to let our girls go.

We need to get back to the basics of liberty and personal responsibility. We need to show those in civil war that our way is better. Western democracy and capitalism does bring prosperity. Faith does bring personal freedom.

We don’t have a chance in hell to fight terrorists, not when our own countries are decaying from the inside. Not when all we stand for is being eroded under the name of entitlement.

We need to regain the moral upper hand. Regain our faith, or truth and our life.

Then, and only then, will we be able to defeat the haters of freedom.

Let us be able to tweet the sweetness of liberty, not shake our heads at the triumphs of terror.



  1. Primula Pretty

    A cry from the heart Peter.
    You have tapped into a very complex issue. MOST of us have little understanding of the tortured mind of “the run of the mill” terrorist. The person who has scant regard for his own life, and no regard at all for the life of anyone else.
    We even have the spectacle of many well meaning, sober minded people, finding logical excuse for some of these “poor terrorists” who, they say, have no other option to express their seeming frustration with their lot in life. What a load of rubbish that is!
    In the world of Islam, which appears to be the fountain head of global terrorism, young people are taught “hate” from a very young age.
    One sixth of this world’s population are caught up from birth into this system.
    A wise man once said that the longest journey begins with a single step.
    Political correctness prevents most of us from taking that first step.
    To your great credit, Peter, your blog on this issue is such a first step.
    That first step inevitably involves anyone concerned stepping up to the plate. Our politicians COULD take a lead by soundly denouncing their own attitude of entitlement. How often do we hear it said “it is within the guidelines”. Never mind the fact that it is a million miles away from the spirit of those guidelines!
    And the rest of us too would do well to consider how we might react when presented, as they are, an easy avenue to a quick buck !!
    Only then would we earn the right to speak out in condemnation of the manyvacts of terrorism, both global and personal, with which we are confronted daily

  2. amakaanozie

    A good article. Only regret is that very few people want to face the problem from the roots as you have said here. Let us pray and DO the little but the BEST we can do. Thanks for the writeup.
    P.S: probably a typo – it’s Boko HARAM not harum.

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