The phone was out of range.
There was no internet reception.
We only had each other.

We couldn’t instagram the bush tukka.
We couldn’t log into Facebook at check in with friends.
We couldn’t tweet about how amazing this place was.

We were….Disconnected!

Many people scoff when I tell them that I don’t have a phone. Well, I do have one. I share one with my wife. She has it Monday to Friday, I have it on Saturday while she’s at work. She uses it, I pay for it!

It seems that we’ve been so accustomed to sharing the ‘best bits’ of our life on social media. I’m not saying that’s good, bad or ugly. It’s just how we’ve become narcissistic in this social media age.

I truly believe that being disconnected is one of the best states we can be. When it’s just you and perhaps those around you that you love. When there’s no distractions. When you’re not tied to an electronic device that ejaculates inane crap 24/7. Don’t get me wrong – I’m quite partial to a bit of facebooking and my instagram addiction is well documented. What I’m saying is there is just something fantastic about being ‘off the radar’.

It’s hard to be disconnected in this day and age. When we are, it’s usually by technological malfunction rather than choice.

I want to know how you get ‘off the radar’, if you do. I’d love to know what you think about when you’ve got no facebook feed to check out or thought to post on twitter. When all you see is purely nature, and not a filtered photo on a small screen. Do you get scared about being disconnected? Do you relish in no one being able to contact you? No boss to ask about that project. No report to turn in. No phone calls to return. Nothing required of you, except to enjoy the moment.

How do you ‘disconnect’?

(yeah, I’m totally aware of the irony of asking about disconnection on social media, too!!)

Photo totally ripped from http://titaniumrunner.net/2011/09/disconnected/



  1. arthurdidymus

    Maybe it’s because I’m only 15, but I don’t have a mobile phone and I actually don’t feel like I’m missing out on something. We’ve got a phone at home that I hardly ever use. On the other hand … I’d be lost without my computer :D.

  2. Single Rider Lane

    I occasionally get crazy and just leave all my tech at home. I take my dog to the park, to the beach, or to a restaurant. I talk to strangers. I take pictures with a camera, not a phone. It’s incredibly rewarding to be disconnected.

  3. One Gentleman

    Due to a software issue, I haven’t been able to use my cell for two weeks. In the beginning, my concern involved being out of touch with clients, but they can call one of my office lines or email. I honestly felt good. I find it allows you to accomplish a lot more. I haven’t used my Instagram in that time. .. forget able Facebook, I haven’t logged in for years. Personally, I find cell phones have allowed my generation and younger, to lose sight for anything not related to social media

  4. Sarah

    Yep it truly is funny how issues like this one begin looking ridiculously trivial when compared to the world news. The next chapter of the cold-war, the actual actual war that erupts, Russia-China fuel offer axis… However here we’re with your social-media difficulties, – can we ever see the earth has altered? I’m not indicating everything you write about is irrelevant, I’m declaring a certain level of detachment is healthy. Thanks, Sarah @ http://phyto-renew350e.com/

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