The Family Lasagne


Lasagne. Who doesn’t love it? Layers of meat, lasagne sheets, herbs, vegetables, béchamel with golden brown cheese melted on the top. Yum!

As you know, I’ve recently come back from a family holiday. On the weekend, we had a big bash for my uncle. Over the course of three days, family arrived from all over the east coast, culminating in an amazing party on the Saturday night!

Every family has it’s own recipe for lasagne. Everyone’s mumma cooks the best lasagne. I’m privileged to be related to the two best lasagne cooks in the world – my mum & my wife! Everyone’s lasagne is just that bit different. Some are meaty. Some have vegetables grated through. Others are vegetarian! The fact of the matter is, you can tell what a lasagne is just by looking at it – layers upon layers of deliciousness!

As I watched my family arrive over the course of a few days, it was like constructing a lasagne. Everyone that arrived brought with them a new layer, a new dimension, a new aspect of enjoyment to the gathering. Some people are the ‘meat’ of the family – they just seem to have the brawn you can lean on in hard times. Others are the lasagne sheets. They manage to keep the whole thing together! You have the herbs and vegetables – you only need a little bit of them to know that they are special! And of course you have the béchamel and melted cheese – the fun ones of the family that turn any gathering into an event!

Families differ as much as the recipe for lasagne. Like lasagne, a family has some very simple elements. Seldom are two alike, but you know it when you see it. You take what you know from the past. You keep the best bits. You add something new and fresh, keeping the traditional elements the same. You mix it with a whole stack of love. You bake it. You serve it. You enjoy it. You love it.

The family lasagne. It’s what you put into it that makes it delicious and interesting!



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