After leaving the peaceful town of Wauchope, we ventured south to Port Stephens, where wind & rain met us at my childhood holiday destination!

Just as we were leaving my brother-in-laws place, I was certain his wife told us to ‘just turn left’ for a short-cut back to the freeway. Naturally, I turned left. We went through beautiful countryside, past rolling green paddocks, livestock and windmills. Over single-lane bridges and the peaceful Hastings River. After quite a long ‘short cut’, my wife’s eyes said ‘are you sure this is the right way?’

We drove until the sealed road turned to loose gravel.
We drove until cows blocked our path.
We drove until my wife checked the GPS and simply said ‘turn around’.

Naturally, the children (and I!) loved taking the detour. The scenic route. The wrong way!

Y’know, I’m pretty sure the Bible says something like ‘submit your plans to the Lord and he will make your paths straight’. Evidently, I did not submit my driving plans to either the Lord or my wife!

Detours can look like many things, both on the road and in life. Some detours can be fun – calling in sick and spending the day at the beach! Other detours can be dangerous – a wrong turn down the wrong street. Othertimes life may through out its own detour – an unexpected death of a loved one.

Some detours you want to recreate, others you want to avoid all together. Some we remember, some we learn from, some we just have a shadow of a memory. Regardless, the detour becomes part of the road we travel. Happy, sad, beautiful, rough, painful, sublime.

I’m interested – tell me about some of the detours you’ve had – be it on the road or in real life.



  1. longchaps2

    You are so laid back. To be able to just sit back and enjoy the feeling of being on a journey with no set destination. When we get off track, which we tended to do quite often BEFORE the onset of the magical and practical GPS, we had one set reaction. FREAK OUT! Lol. Loved this blog. Thank you.

    • vidinsinbrisbane

      Y’know, I was watching a documentary about Paul Simon last night, talking about Graceland. He talks about realising he’s on a journey, an adventure. About not trying to resist it, realising he’s not the captain! I loved that doco!!

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • longchaps2

        I’ve not seen that documentary. I should check it out and learn to go with the flow, hand my Captains hat over, lol. My pleasure in stopping by. I’ll be back soon. SB

  2. Errol

    I wouldn’t say this was a detour really. Nonetheless, my wife and her family decided to shop for groceries together. Since she and I went the day before, I didn’t really see the need to go once again, especially with the other plans I had set. My wife said, “Just go please. I don’t want to carry everything by myself.” I’m thinking, “Everything…we went shopping yesterday–what else could we possibly need except the two small items you mentioned?” Nonetheless, she had this disappointed look on her face as if I threw away her favorite LV bag. While inside the store, I encountered someone that blends well with my profession, which is already shaping up to be a mutual beneficial partnership. When we arrived back home, she said, “See…and you didn’t want to go with us.” LOL

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