Climate Science is the ultimate ‘Revenge of the Nerds’

There’s no doubt about it. Climate Science is the ultimate ‘Revenge of the Nerds’.

Think about it.

Regardless of who is banging on about it, Climate Science is the ultimate ‘Revenge of the Nerds’.

Think about those crazy science kids in high school, college or university. The kids that weren’t jocks, anarchists, young liberals, Dungeons and Drangoners or stoners. You know – the conservative kids from middle class backgrounds who were classically beta and didn’t really fit in with any other groups. The kids that were picked on by the jocks (but secretly feared cause they were smart, especially in science and maths), shunned by the stoners (cause they didn’t waste away their weekends) and were just, overall, nerdy.

Fast forward a couple of years. After getting through university with PhD’s in science, they essentially become over-qualified to read thermometers. Cause, in my mind, that’s essentially what climate science is. Readin’ thermometers. All those squillions of dollars we spend world wide on Climate Science – it’s just a bunch of nerds takin measurements of thermometers, writing them down on little scatter graphs and noticing trends.

Here’s the beauty of it (for the nerds). Back in the day, these crazy kids were picked on, cause of their nerdiness. Their smarts were both mocked and secretly feared by the jocks. What did the jocks become? Lawyers, bankers, politicians or all three. So while the jocks became wealthy, the nerds secretly consolidated their power, plotting their revenge on their high-school tormenters.

Realising that, collectively, the nerds actually knew a bit of stuff and had a bit of clout, they got together to scheme their revenge. Their idea? Climate Science. The remark from Dr. H. Hemsworth of the University of New South Wales is rumoured to say ‘It’s just crazy enough it might just work!’. From there, Climate Science was born – and it was sexy.

The nerds realised they had ‘environmental cred’ without having to tie themselves up to forests (like the anarchists and greenies) and they could still shower. Yeah, they could care for the pandas (a hit with the ladies) and they could still smell nice (a hit with the ladies!). They realised they could, in fact, wear handsome lookin’ suits (a hit with the ladies) and have conferences, just like the bankers and lawyers (who are generally hits with the ladies). They could, as a ‘government stakeholder’, write really long, boring reports (not really a hit with the ladies) that essentially showed years of thermometer reading, showing the planet warming, then demanding funds to continue their thermometer reading.

Now frankly I don’t care what side of the equation you sit on. I personally believe we need to look after this planet and it’s resources, but I shy away from sensationalist claims from both sides.

So think about it. Whenever you hear the media talk about ‘Climate Science’, it’s just a bunch o’ scientists taking measurements from thermometers. Thermometers in the sky. In the ocean. On land. From space. Everywhere. It’s not rocket science. It’s Climate Science.

But think about it – who holds the cards of power now? Who gets listened too? Polititians? Hardly. Bankers? No way. Lawyers? Pfft. Client Scientests? Heck yes. Those crazy kids hold all the cards now. The ultimate ‘Revenge of the Nerds’



  1. rclr

    Good points all, especially taking the middle road regarding climate change. Thanks also for the blog-follow – much appreciated. It may perhaps kick-start me into updating more than once every six months. Cheers.

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