For the thrill of it

How good is it to watch those you love do what they love? My nanny just comes alive when you ask her about her garden. My brothers love looking after the sick and injured, both human and animal.

It is just amazing to watch those you love ‘ply their craft’ without fear or concern of financial reward. There is very little money in tending your garden, or looking after the ill. But to those who do it, they get an immense amount of satisfaction.

For me, I quite enjoy writing. I’ve found blogging, both here and the Vidins Travel Blog is just so invigorating and enjoyable. I love thinking about what to write, thinking about how the words will look on the page, how the paragraphs will flow, how the writing will make people react.

I’ve had a few people tell me that I should write for money. Perhaps write a short story for a magazine, or something similar. Whilst I think this is grand, I guess there is something always holding me back. A few things, actually.

I love writing, but my concern is, if I was paid for it, would it become a chore, a job? Would the inherent enjoy-ability and freedom be diminished?  Who knows.

Also, you just don’t know how good you really are. Mel Gibson stars in a movie called ‘Maverick’, where he is a poker player. He says a line in it which goes something like ‘I wanted to know how good I actually was’, when referring to going into a poker competition.

I don’t know if it is my personality, or what, but if I go in a competition (and know that I am super non-competitive), I want to know if I’m going to win. And if I go in a writing completion, I’d want to win. So I wouldn’t go in the competition if I was not going to win. And when I say I’d want to win, I want to know that the other people were better than me, so I’d beat them.

In year 11, I was put in the ‘low’ English class. Not many things in school annoyed me, but that annoyed me. I knew I was not ‘low’ English material. I knew I deserved to be in the top class. I don’t know how I ended up in that class, but I did. So I made a bet. I bet the teacher of the top English class that at the end of the year, my score / ranking would be in the top half of the whole grade – that is – better than half of the ‘top’ English class.  The reward? A three pack of Mars Bars.

Guess who brought home the bacon? That’s right. Your Man Vidins.

I’ve always been lousy at sports. Maths is like pfft. I’m a mediocre manager at best. But I do enjoy writing. I’d even go as far as blowing my own horn and say that not only do I enjoy it, but I’m not half bad.

A friend sent me a link to a writing completion. It’s pricked my interest.

I think I’ll go in it. Not to win (secretly, I want to win big time). Actually, I’ll be overt. I want to win. I want to know how good I could be.




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