Vidins finds he has a personality

Pull up a chair. Vidins is here. Now before y’all get comfortable, I have to say a few things. Yes, this blog will actually be abbout me. Short and sweet. Although I think that it will neither be short, nor sweet!

So I stumbled across the Myers-Briggs personality caper. Now some of you may know I failed the Personality subject a couple of times at uni and subsequently thought that all study of personality was shite. I stand corrected, however. Yes, I did a personality test. The Myers-Briggs one. And I tell you, it turns out the problem is not me, it’s my personality. I kinda started reading ‘Personality Plus’, but I got kinda bummed when the entire population of the world could get boxed into four neat categories. Four categories is hardly enough for me. The Myers-Briggs categories have 16 types. Heaps more to play around with, which suits me just fine.

You see, I’m INPF. That’s short for Introverted, iNtuitive, Perceptive, Feeling. I’m a quiet moody guy. Actually there is a lot more then that. People like me are often quiet, unorganised, creative (me – creative??!!), not bad at penmanship (thats wank for good at writing) and have a toxic aversion to conflict. So I guess that’s a surprise to many of you who know me as a fabulously charasmatic, dangerously charming, outgoing, easy going guy. Well the easy going bit is mildly true.

As one does, I took to google to find out all about myself. It turns out there are many famous people with my affliction personality. I was actually cranky when most of them were dud lefties or pinko-liberals. But I am in good company with the likes or George Orwell and C S Lewis. Some suggest Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama and Bob Dylan are also INFP, and they are pretty much some of the most spiritual people around these days. That’s good ’cause I’m into sprirtuality. And you know what they say about that? Religion is going to church and thinking about fishing. Spirituality is going fishing and thinking about God.

The consensus is that INFP-ers often make good teachers, head-shrinkers and ministers. I wish sky pirates, eccentric millionaires  were in that list. That would be awesome. Those professions are usually better suited to people with an E in front of their personality profile. Damn it, I hate E’s!! That’s actually untrue. INFP-ers often care for everyone (See reference to Mother Theresa, above).

When it comes to romatic relationships, the experts recon people like me are terribly idealistic and terrible at saying what’s on our mind, especially if it is going to even mildly cause displeasure or some type of conflict. Whilst I’m very caring, a fantastic listener, a generous and skillful lover and look great in white (that’s actually not related to personality), I tend to come unstuck when I take things the wrong way, or doors close to loud. I need my ‘Vidins time’ to recharge my batteries.

So INFP’ers are intensly private people. Only a very select few people get to know the real me. Actually, I’ve just realised I’ve just used a whole blog about me to actually say nothing about me. It’s fantastic!

So if I seem inward, quiet, thinking, in my own world, it’s because I’m actually inward, quiet, thinking and in my own world. Put me on a couch with someone and I’ll have their life story in 15 minutes, and they won’t even know my name. I’m working on being more organised and I’m trying to say what I think (and not just keep my thoughts to myself). I’m working on being funnier (I know what you are all thinking – can Vidins get funnier?!) Ultimately though, I love being in my little personality bracket. Only about 5% of the world fit into my special little box, and I freaking love it.

So that’s the personality profile of Vidins. If anyone wants me, I’ll probably be imagining my life as an eccentric millionarie sky pirate!



  1. Kara Lalalala

    I come out the exact same when you put me through the ol’ myers briggs. It’s nice to meet another one, you don’t meet any in real life, they’re all hiding in their rooms thinking about the universe and drawing boobs on celebrities in rag mags. My brain doesn’t work, I don’t have very many friends and I’ll probably be poor my whole life but the nice penmanship this is news to me, thats a nice bonus. Atleast I can write stunningly beautiful grocery lists. Thanks Vidins, digging your blog, it’s really nicely written.

  2. amitanshushukla

    Woww..after i finished i thought i could literally copy paste this to my “About me”. Are you too a piscean ? (I dont beleive this stuff when it doesnt go as per what i expect :P)

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