Vidins takes his children to the art gallery


Nothing says ‘touch me’ more then a bunch of sparkly string hanging from the roof with a fan behind it

So  every friday afternoon I look after my children and we go on an adventure. Often it is to New farm Park, Roma Street Parklands, the Museum or the State Library. Sometimes we take a bus ride or a ferry around our beautiful city and I generally love every second of it.

Well last friday, I thought I would do the cultured thing and take my children to the Art Gallery, and  the Gallery of Modern Art. Now I am no arty farty hipster, but I knows what I likes. Plus, I figured that it is a good thing to get my children in this culture caper, instead of eating dirt at the park.

Now there are two things you need to understand about Art Galleries. They are full of things that just yell out to children ‘TOUCH ME’ and  just as many cranky-pants gallery attendants ready to rouse on your inquisitive children.

Image (my daughter touching a ‘dont touch’ exhibition)

As is the trend with two under 4 year olds, they wanted to touch all the wonderful things, especially at GOMA. Man, that place is a cranky-pants heavan. There are freaking hundreds of fun-police just ready to offer an unfriendly scowl, a dissaproving look, or, if you are lucky, they may even approach you with their ‘walkie-talkie’ of authority and instruct you to restrain your children!

So as you can well imagine, old Vidins here got sick of that  stupid place. Man alive, they may as well have big signs around the joint saying ‘NO CHILDREN’ or ‘CHILDREN PERMITTED ONLY WHEN WHACKED OUT ON RITALIN’. That will ensure only the ‘right’ type of parents bring their  children into those temples of culture.

In retaliation of their authority, I took my children to the State Library where they encourage children (in the awesome spot called ‘the corner’) to touch stuff, play, do craft, read books and interact with others. There is something wonderful when the nice lady at the library actually encourages your children to taste the glue, put their fingers into pencil sharpeners, draw on their siblings with texta and run with scissors!

After that, we went to the museum, which is also full of kindred spirits who encourage children to have fun!Image (my children upto their hijinks at the museum!)

We caught a bus after the library, where my daughter had a wonderful conversation with a lady and commented ‘you are old’, then complimented her  on her scarf and told her that she liked her  purpley coloured hair.

So a word for parents. Dont take your children to art galleries. The children that are there are NOT normal. They sit in their prams and  for some strange reason, are not tempted to touch all the bright coloured things.


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