Vidins sets the record straight about men & crying

I have noticed a lot on TV lately that there is a noticeable amount of men crying. Now let me set the record straight, men are ment to cry. It is a normal, natural thing to do and healthy. Hell, I am partial to a good cry every now and again. However, the modern man seems to have turned into a big pussy and cries at the hint of hard times.

I was watching that train wreck of a show ‘Biggest Loser’ and heaps of the men were crying over who knows what. It was like ‘Oh I had a hard time when I was young so I turned to over eating and now I feel sorry for myself (cue crying and carefully orchestrated music). Similarly, I was watching a doco of these troubled teens who walked a very shortened, sanitised version of the Kokoda Track. After about 2 hours they were all balling like skirts cause it was too tough. They interviewed this old Vet from the Kokoda track who basically said that these so called tough boys from a rough background were all crying skirts. He said that back in the war, NONE of the soldiers cried. Plus they were malnutritioned AND being shot at AND walked the whole trail. I take my hat off to that old Vet.

You see guys, there certainly are times when we can cry. They go without saying – during death and dying, on a super happy celebration (I was a wreck when my kids were born!!), you see a triumph of humanity over evil (I think about the WW2 stories when people risked their lives to help the Jews in Europe).

Guys, crying is not something to be used when you get a whiff of hard times. Hells no.  Your girlfriend / wife  is relying on you to be a rock in the hard times, a place of security and safety. Some girls say that they like to see the soft side of guys. And you know what, there is NOTHING WRONG with showing your ‘soft side’. The tender embrace you give your wife. The cuddle that you give your children or the warmth you give to the family when you enter the room. The tear you shed when someone you treasure dearly is no longer around or the weep of a man longing for an estranged child. All these things show your soft side. But that crying that seems so prevalent whevever some men are talking  about their default responsibilities (like eating correctly and exercising) really takes the cake. Pun intended.

So men, there is NOTHING wrong with crying. It is a good and healthy and pure thing to do. Just  don’t let it be corrupted or tainted over trivial things, regrets or the realisation that you have eaten yourself into chronic obesity over the last 10 years.

Some say that a real men should cry. This is true. However, a real man should also look adversity in the face and tell it to ‘do your worse’. A real man is one who owns upto his responsibilities and accepts his weaknesses, then walks the path of correction. A real man is not one who cries under  a whiff of pressure.

There is nothing wrong with a cry, men. Like everything, there is a time and place.


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