Housecleaning, except for the soul

I recently had a milestone birthday – I turned 30! Well apart from the miracle of actually making it this far, I got another miracle of the engineering world. Thats right, my special lady friend got me one of those high-pressure water cleaners for my birthday. These simple contraptions use massive amounts of electricity and water to clean everyday things – footpaths, courtyards, cars, small children and dishes.

So I was using my new favourite toy on my birthday and started to think, which if you know me, can be a very dangerous thing! Ipod in hand, sun on my back and cold drink in my spare hand (who said guys can not multi-task??!!) I thought myself into housecleaning, except for the soul. My birthday is the 1st of January. Every year actually. Most people ask me what it is like to have a hangover for my birthday and what new years resolutions I have for the upcoming year. Now I can safely say that I have never had a hangover on my birthday. As for new years resolutions, why would I change being awesome?? Really, though, it is great having a birthday at the start of the Western year (sorry to my readers who follow different calendars!!). As I was cleaning my pavers I pondered the idea of housecleaning, except for the soul. What is this mumbo jumbo I am talking about? Well its easy to clean things on the outside – its not too hard to lose weight, to find a better job or to eat better. These things are cosmetic (but can have profound impacts on your life, don’t get me wrong!). But I have found the hardest things to clean are the things on the inside. Housecleaning of the soul. We can accumulate lots of nonsense on the inside – things that cant be seen to many others. Ideas, attitudes, biases and beliefs. I know I am guilty of these things. Sometimes I find myself thinking the most terrible things about people or groups I have never met or interacted with. The thing that scares me moreso is when I think these things are normal. So how does one do houseclean the soul? How do you get rid of the nonsense inside? You certainly cant eat a bar of soap or gurney your inside! It is not like you can drink a bottle of gumption and drop out a log of inner crapness! I think there are many ways you can clean out your insides. I think honesty is the key – honesty with yourself and those around you. Some find their housecleaning product in faith – as I do. By calling upon the highest standard possible and aiming high to achieve its ideals. By being kind and listening to those around you. Really listening. By constantly challenging yourself to be positive, looking for the best in those around you and not succumbing to unhelpful or wrong stereotypes.

As with any type of cleaning worth doing, it can be hard yakka. It takes a bit of time and effort to get rid of the dirt on my courtyard even with a high-pressure water cleaner. There is dirt in all of us that will not go without a good old fashioned scrubbing! But it is worth it. As with anything clean, it is so lovely to look upon it and feel proud. I look upon my shiny clean courtyard and feel proud of the effort I have put in to clean it. It took a while, some effort, water and power, but I got it clean. The same goes with your insides – with your soul. It can take a bit of effort to get rid of the nonsense that we pick up, but it is so worth it. To do housecleaning of the soul, I think, can be the best medicine sometimes. It makes you feel free and liberated to get rid of the junk thats holding you back. A shiny soul – it attracts positivity and encourages you to keep it shiny!


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