Vidins invokes good karma

When will the madness end? That’s right, another day, another crazy public transport adventure for Vidins.

So there I was, on the 7.21 all stations into the town. Now I need to say at this point that I was sitting in those ‘four seats’, with my mp3 player and minding my own business. A gentleman with a well manicured beard, a turban and bispectiacls sat across from me and hugged his bag like it was going out of fashion. In the four-seats across from Mr India and me were two snobbish looking girls.

Out of the corner of my eye I notice this grasshopper – only a small one. He (I am assuming it was a boy!) crept up the window a little and was probably enjoying some morning sun. Well I guess he and me were on the same wavelength and thought it would be cool to liven up the sleepy morning train trip. So Jimminy Cricket takes the flying leap over to the snobbish girls. He must of thought it was quite a laugh. I have to agree with him – the reaction of two othewise demure girls shreaking in horror was certainly entertainment! After doing a bit of a dance on one of their arms, he jumped and flew back to my side of the train.

The flustered girls pointed and demanded ‘kill it! Kill it!’. Now hear me out, I am not opposed to squashing insects. To the contrary – being the man of my house I am often called upon to take to would-be resident creepy crawlies with my double pluggers! The issue I had, however, was Mahatma Ghandi sitting across the way from me. Now I don’t know much about ‘eastern spirituality’ but I am pretty sure that our Asian brothers frown upon the killing of animals, with the whole circle of life thing going on. So there I was – in a quandry between the demands of the hysterical girls and the judging eyes of the Dali Lama’s cousin. Do I save the day and squash the cheeky critter or let my flying friend live and let live?

I had to take action. I took off my headphones, reached out and carefully (but quickly!) grabbed my multi-legged friend. I stood up, waited for the next station then freed him! He was out – out of the doors and into infinity!

I felt like a hero. Captain India smiled and said ‘three cheers!’ I had some instant karma! The girls smile and thanked my heroic actions.

Sitting back down, I put my headphones back in and continued listening to my mp3 player, smiling to myself.

I expect they will write about me in the mX newspaper over the next few days.


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