Vidins makes some interesting observations about coffee in the city

Like many in this great city, Im spoiled for choice when it comes to coffee.

Ok ok so I know all of you from Sydney or Melbourne are going to get all uppity and say nonsense like ‘Oh Melbourne has the best coffee’ or ‘na-ahh Sydney baristas are the best’ or whatever nonsense you southerners are sprouting to try to cover up your envy of Queensland Rugby League. But I am not going to get into the whole ‘my long black is larger then yours’ debate. Frankly, we all know that conversation of that type is akin to constipation – long, hard, tedious and painful. So all you southerners, lend me an ear and I’ll tell you a tale of coffee in Queensland. Well, Brisbane specifically.

So the way I see it, in Brisbane, you have three choices for coffee:

1/ You can get coffee from the middle aged bald man with navy tats who is friendly but not that friendly who actually really knows how to make coffee; or;

2/ You can get coffee from the Gen Y dude who is friendly, infact a little too friendly, who is ok at making coffee; or;

3/ The hot chicks who are quite nice on the eye but could not make coffee to save their lives.

Now Im not going to lie to you – all three options have there appeals. I mean, sometimes alls you need is a good hard coffee. Option one is it. Other times you are not that worried about the coffee and Tarquin from option two is a bit of a laugh and always upsizes your drink and serves you with a kind of hello that was not allowed to be given to Qld men until Joh was voted out back in the day. Of course, sometimes you just love being in stinking hot Qld and Suzie from option three with the frangipani in her hair and delightfully nice singlet top and short combo will make you a pus tasting coffee with a smile that you will remember long after the sting from the burnt milk fades from your tounge.

Actually, come to think of it, Tarquin from option two also has a similar outfit to Suzie in option three.

So Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane may not have the best coffee, but we have the best coffee options!!



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