Duets. Partnerships. Partners in Crime. BFF’s. Sworn enemies. Allies. Foes. Every ying has its yang. Every hero needs its villan.  Yup, this one is pondering the duets that we play in life. Now Im not talking about music, because, frankly, Im tone deaf and the only musical instrument I play is the ipod.

I started to think about duets listening to Owl City. You know that wonderfully manufactured guy who makes pop-perfect tunes for the kids? Trust me, its catchy, poppy and full of amazing teenage angst. In the tune ‘Air traffic’, towards the end a duet emerges between the lead singer and a ring in called Breanne Duren. The sweet girls voice, as gentle as it is, gives the song that extra body and for me, makes it one of the stand-out tracks in the album. The duet, when working well, brings that extra element to whatever situation its in.

We see this in many situations – business partners, romantic relationships, team mates, siblings. Duets in which each member sings their own part in the songs of life, bringing a unique perspective, a special sound, yet still complimenting one another.

We also see duets in foes, too. How many a superhero has its own supervillan? A foe to watch, to learn from, to scheme and plan against, to capture and to conquor. The type of relationship that is so fragile, so super charged and symbiotic – the  type of duet that sings songs of rage but can only survive with the foe.

So the clincher for me is who are you in the duets of your life? What sounds do you bring to the songs of your life? Is your voice the one that drowns out all the other sounds around you? On the flip side, does your voice strain to be heard amongst the other players in the song? Are you the type that seeks the quirkiness in those around you, to bring out their sound and celebrate the difference, even if the result of the duet does not turn out how you planned?

Its sometimes not the song we sing that makes beautiful music – its the harmony of the voices in the tunes that can make an everyday tune into beautiful music. Make it your goal to bring out those soft voices around you and listen to the beauty it creates!


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