The soundtrack to your otherwise boring train trip

Im one of those strange people that really really enjoy the train trip to and from work everyday, day in and day out. Its not because I enjoy the cleanliness of QA trains, the great value for money my go card provides or the on-time service. Oh no. Its the people PLUS my ipod. You can really get to know someone just by watching them, judging them with your eyes and letting your mood be dictated by whatever song is on your ipod. Or if they are inconsiderate, the ipod of the person sitting next to you.

So before you ask, I’ve got some random stories from todays trip….

The Grateful Dead’s ‘Franklins Tower’ comes on. Suddenly I notice the slightly-older-then-middle-age man sitting in the four-seat in a short-sleeved business shirt and a tie begging to be sent back to 1989. He’s tapping his foot ever so slowly, turning up his cassette walkman and smirking to himself. And I think he is either thinking about Sunbury or that epic Easybeats concert he  went to back in the day.

Jay-Z makes an appearance and the super tough-lookin’ Islander guy with a sleeve full of tats and a rosary around his neck is next in my sights. His wrists are bigger then most mens thighs and I recon he could strangle an ox with his pinky finger. Yeah, he’s tough, Im thinking, but he just cant wait to get home to his labrador pup, Monty, for a wrestle.

Pearl Jam start singing ‘All those yesterdays’ to me. The suit sitting opposite me adjusts his tie then checks his blackberry. He knows its his boss calling but he really really really just wants to hear from his Mrs, who he’s been fighting with all week. He’s been sucessful in everything – sports, uni, he’s climbing that corporate ladder like its no ones business. Smoke has been blown up the right asses, golf has been played with the right execs, drinks have been had with the bean counters. But all he wants is to work for a local firm in a nice sea-side town with his Mrs and eventually, kids. Adjusting his tie, he takes a big breath and readies himself for another day of playing the game.

As chance would have it, Ralph Stanley shuffles onto my playlist. Stuffed in with the human traffic I notice Reg & Lesley who have made their way down from Rocky on the train to see their first born grandson, Jackson, for the first time. You can see Reg is excited and nervous, checking his train timetable and looking out the window for the right station. Lesley, God bless her, picks up on her  husbands excitement and puts a reassuring hand on his arm. They look at  each other with a love that only years of tough love can bring. You see, after Lesley’s scare with the  dreaded breast cancer, they thought that seeing their grandson Jackson would never be a reality. As it would be, she had a spectacular recovery and knows she will be around not just for Jackson, but many, many more grandchildren!

Just before the train arrives at old Roma Street, Serge Gainsborough brings his sexy, deep french voice to caress my earlobes. And there she is – Justine, the dental hygenist in her mandarin top and flower in her hair. Its been six months since she dumped that dickhead Steve, got back into the gym and finally found her self-confidence back. She’s smiling cause she just got the sweetest sms from Dave, the mechanic she met at Susie’s 30th. She wonders to herself ‘could love be just around the corner?’

So thats why I love catching the train!


One comment

  1. Sarah Vidins

    Lovely Pete.
    You left out the another reason why you love the train trips, ‘the part you personally miss as you use the train trip to have a sleep. lol’

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